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The Best of 2010

I know – everyone does a “best of” list because it is cheap and easy content during an otherwise slow time after the holidays.  Sure you could section off any group of 365 days and do the same thing but in this case we are looking at posts that went up during the 2010 calendar year.  We’ll start with number 10 and work all the way up to number 1. The list encompasses my personal favorite memories, posts that were well commented on or saw more than average traffic.

So with that long introduction in the way – here is the list:

10. NC Comicon – so this was as geeky as anything we’ve done – maybe the geekiest thing all year.  It wasn’t terribly overwhelming but was the top visited post in November.  Not sure if it was the email I sent to the 501st Legion / Carolina Garrison or if blogs about the NC Comicon were that rare across the net.  Either way it brought new traffic to the site and wasn’t a bad event.  Odds are we’ll go back in 2011.

09. How bad can it B? – this still makes me laugh.  I really hope Ms. Dingle-Butler found the job of her dreams.  If not best wishes for 2011.  Whoever is sending her email out is doing a great job – we had a few people respond that they had seen the resume and of course wondered about the name.

08. East Carolina FTW – this post resulted in the most unique visitors on the site at at one time that we had this year.  Once again – no I didn’t create it.  Yes – I wish I had.  At the end of the day does the outcome of the game really matter?  Some inspired ECU fan won the most creative Photoshop of the year and with that Go Pirates!

07. Star Wars: In Concert – remember about three numbers back when I called NC COMICON the geekiest thing we did this year?  Close race. Here we are at the Star Wars: In Concert.  Don’t judge – other than Anthony Daniels (the voice of C-3PO) talking more than he should it was a great show.  Tied with this is the KISS concert which was more fun than we anticipated.  Sometimes the right people in the right atmosphere make things happen.

06. Jingle Ball – great party – great cause – lots of beer. Great Combo.  We had a great mix of people join us – friends old and new.  We parked our group inside the beer tent and introduced Orlando to lots of new people.  We met a real Elvis impersonator and some guy that had a striking resemblance to Andy from The Office.

05. Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival – very similar to #6 but add BBQ and Bourbon and remove the cause.  Another great combo.  No tattoos this year but a girl with lightsaber earrings did chat with me about my t-shirt.  No – she didn’t offer.  No – I didn’t ask.  Some things are better left to the imagination.

04. State Fair of Texas – is everything bigger in Texas?  Maybe.  At least the State Fair was huge.  We saw an eight person foosball table and ate fried beer (which was disgusting) – what else could you want.  This? Fair enough.  Seriously – the Texas trip was great and all the stops on the trip were fun but I think the State Fair gave the best impression of the stereotyped big truck drivin’, cowboy hat wearin’, fried food eatin’ Texan.  Can’t wait to go back – other highlights of the trip include Downtown Dallas, Bishop Arts District and Dealey Plaza.  (Can’t forget this.)

03. How close is too close? – this is when I really started to appreciate my new “big kid” camera.  I had heard all it takes is one good shot.  I finally caught it – the fact that I haven’t spent more money on camera equipment since is amazing.  The pictures keep getting better and I’ll keep chasing the adrenaline rush associated with the first one.  Want to know how close it really was? Ask Cara.

02. Space Ireland“f’n epic” for some reason this was not only the best description but the one I kept going around repeating in the months following this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.  The float was great and the parade was awesome – what happened after that is subject to interpretation.  I’m fairly certain a large number of our group was abducted by aliens.  I blame the beer and tang mix that we later learned was a “Bundy Mimosa” for most of the nonsense.

01. Atlantis Shuttle Launch – Most of the people that read this blog won’t be able to remember a time before the space shuttle and many like me never assumed it might end.  I always assumed we’d keep getting bigger and better shuttles and eventually I’d have my own X-wing to fly to work.  That isn’t the case – the STS program is drawing to a close and for the first time in memory the shuttle launches I took for granted for so long won’t be happening.

Fortunately I have some friends that realized this was something that is a unique part of our history and we took off in an RV to see the third to last launch.  I wish I could describe the feeling better – outside of seeing and hearing it first hand I don’t know how to convey the experience.  The good news is you have two chances left to see it yourself.  The bad news is you only have two chances left.  Yes – I did order the t-shirt that proclaims I was there and I framed it beside by 1996 WCU NCAA Basketball Tournament t-shirt.  The trip included a lot of memories and I think the RV Crew will be talking about that trip for a lifetime to come.  Any one of us might see a bright light of a future rocket or new shuttle cross the sky and tell anyone that will listen about our adventure in 2010.

I think Cara said it best when she said “it keeps getting better.” Just a small note to 2011 you have some work to do – get busy!



  1. F’in epic year! Thanks for letting me take part! And sharing all the good times again! Cant wait to do it all again (and then some) in 2011…….

  2. Letting you take part?  You can’t act innocent like that.  You are as guilty as the rest of the us.  I didn’t name names to protect the co-conspirators and because as soon as I did I would leave someone out.  Can’t wait for 2011 – we have set the bar really high.

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