First Beach Trip

Do you remember your first time stepping in the sand? Looking up and seeing the endless expanse of the ocean. Maybe this is what it looked like for you too.

Hot Chocolate Bombs FTW this Winter

I have been seeing Hot Chocolate Bombs online and started my quest to find them locally. I found Roz Burgess of Burgess Bakery. He works out of his home in North Raleigh and you can follow him on Instagram. We...

Burney’s Sweets & More

We finally got to visit Burney's Sweets & More in North Raleigh. I have been following them on Instagram for a long time and their treats look amazing. They have just about anything you need. The list ranges from cakes...

Everything Else

Problems with Smart Device Compatibility?

HOOBS out of the box system, or HOOBS for short, is a plug and play hub that makes smart accessories compatible with your favorite...

FlightAware PiAware ADS-B Ground Station

I'm completely fascinated with the tiny and powerful Raspberry Pi computers and have a couple that I use for test projects and have built...

Inflating a 6ft Beach Ball

Ready for summer? Why not start it off with a beach ball that claims to be "OVER 6 FEET TALL!" It's close...

First in Flight


Snow in Raleigh

A snow day in Raleigh in February? Why not - it was gone by the next day. Even better.

Myrtle Beach, SC

A quick flight over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Flying low and checking out the beach and the waves. Flown low with the DJI Spark....