3854__320x320_unc-arrrrrghSo East Carolina is playing UNC this weekend.  Guess what some enterprising Pirates did?  They decided to take over Kenan Stadium with what appears to be an extremely large banner. This may be the best prank I’ve seen in a while.  Completely harmless but fun.  They didn’t kill a mascot, paint the field or do any real damage.  Credit to whoever did this for doing it with class.

UNC is favored in this game by 17 points (line has moved 12.5-13.5).  Given how ECU played up until last week I think that might be a little high.  So I’ll take ECU and the points.

Will they win?  Maybe not but then in so many ways haven’t they won already?

Good job Pirates!

UPDATE: What is this Photoshop you speak of?  (Sorry – can’t take credit for this one.)

UPDATE 2: TWC will be showing the ECU@UNC game on digital channel 520.  I give full credit to the banner.

3855__320x320_kenan_memorialUPDATE 3: Sorry ECU Fans – the original picture is below.


  1. Some butthurt UNC fan saw this and is trying to discredit it as a photoshop, without offering up any proof that it’s a photoshop, other than saying “I went to google maps and saw the EXACT same picture but without the flag”
    So I went and dug around my own, checking google maps, checking google, talking with friends…no proof of photoshop.
    Verdict: It’s legit.

  2. I really hope it is legit.  That would be awesome.

    My only questions on this one are a) where did the banner come from – that is a really nice banner to give up in a prank and b) where is another picture?  You don’t go to all that trouble for just one snap.  I’d think you’d want a ton of pictures from different angles to verify the prank.

    Would have been awesome.

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