Is everything bigger in Texas? Maybe. After going to the State Fair of Texas I might be willing to concede that at least their Fair is larger. I know it has taken a while to get the images up but coming back from vacation leaves you in a little behind on work and well – no one pays me to write this blog.

Highlights of the fair included:

  • The architecture – the art deco style of the fair was cool and a lot of fun to photograph.
  • The cars/trucks – a large part of the fair was an auto show that had every car and truck you could think of except Honda (no clue).
  • The eight-person foosball table – I don’t care if it said Ford Fiesta – if I had room I’d want one.
  • The Texas Star Ferris Wheel.
  • Getting a few close-ups of Big Tex.
  • And dispelling the hype about fried beer – honestly, it was terrible.

Overall it was a pretty awesome day. Lots of pictures after the jump. Thanks again to Travis for hosting the trip and scoring the free tickets with the Ford test drive.

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