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Deep Fried Ambassador – NC State Fair

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture is looking for a blogger to hold the title of  Deep Fried Ambassador and represent all of the awesomeness that surrounds the annual North Carolina State Fair. I know what you are saying to yourself – is there another blogger out there that might be a better representative of amply battered deep fried goodness than yourself? Well perhaps and that is why I am applying here from NOSVC just like anyone else and not just showing up in my homemade sash and tiara proclaiming myself the winner. (I might do that either way – depends on my mood before the tweet-up.)

To satisfy the criteria for the competition let me tell you a little about my own Love A Fair with the NC State Fair. And yes it runs much deeper than the grease trap. I am son of the red clay of North Carolina and grew up in the foothills of this fine state. While I’ve traveled the country and seen many things nothing is more beautiful than home and nothing concentrates more ‘home’ in a week and a half than the fair. At a time when most of us work in an office and purchase our food from a store it is an awesome reminder of the unparalleled agricultural heritage that belongs to all of us. From the Old Grist Mill to the Ferris wheel and everywhere in between the NC State fair captures the majesty and history of The Old North State both for those that were born here and those that have adopted her as home.

And then there is the food. If you aren’t looking for an antacid as soon as you get home then you’ve missed one of the best parts of the fair. I like to go in with my checklist and while I am not opposed to trying the “latest and greatest” the “tried and true” never get old. Yes – the deep fried something is going to get eaten but the mini-doughnuts, a Mt. Olive pickle, a country ham biscuit and NC State ice cream are requirements. The best thing to do? Go in a little before lunch time and walk around till dinner time.

So why would I be the best Deep Fried Ambassador? What I lack in blogging skills I make up for in my ability to eat. I’ve experienced a few fairs in my life from my hometown’s Dixie Classic Fair, to the 1982 World’s Fair to most recently the State Fair of Texas and the infamous fried beer. I might be slightly qualified to know a good fair when I see one. And finally and maybe most importantly – I do enjoy my annual trips to the North Carolina State Fair (indigestion aside) and think I would make an excellent Deep Fried Ambassador.

Oh – and I really would look good in a sash and tiara assuming any title using Deep Fried doesn’t involve a swimsuit competition.


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