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Royal Cheesecake and Varieties

Recently we got to chat with Ken and Tamara from Royal Cheesecake and Varieties. In 2013 they moved from Detroit to Raleigh and have baking ever since. They both work full time and this is their side hustle.

Their kitchen methods are different. Ken does the cheesecakes. Tamara does the cakes cupcakes, banana pudding, and cookies. Tamara is grandma certified and Ken is culinary certified. This is the perfect combination for some great treats.

They make over 20 different pound cakes as well as cheesecakes. Their best seller is strawberry cheesecake. The strawberries come straight from the farmers and they do a fresh strawberry glaze. It is a classic cheesecake and graham cracker crust with strawberries. The NC sweet potato pound cake is the best pound cake seller. One of their original flavors is a chicken and waffles cheesecake. Every July 31 is national cheesecake day and they come up with a unique flavor for the holiday. And thus the chicken and waffles cheesecake was born.

One of the things that makes them unique is that the treats are made from scratch. They are passionate about what they bake and create. They want to grow. Royal Cheesecake and Varieties is definitely one to watch. You can buy their treats online, at various farmers’ markets and events.