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Kit Kat & Reese’s

Found a couple of new snacks that sounded interesting and decided to give them a try. I mean Chocolate Frosted Donut Kit Kat? What could go wrong with that?

These were good and the better of the two snacks tried in this post. These were better as you ate them and while not an overwhelming donut flavor a really good taste that worked well as a crispy treat. They had a different flavor than a regular Kit Kat but not as far off as the Strawberry Duo, Blueberry Muffin, Witch’s Brew, Fruity Cereal, or Japanese versions we’ve tried. I’d say they were good but probably fall in line behind these and maybe even the original offering.

Skip it. I know it sounds good in theory but it is too sweet and the caramel distracts from the awesomeness that is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. It is inferior to the original and isn’t as good as the homemade version we made. If you like your peanut butter sweeter than it should be – this may be for you. For me, it lacked balance and was a sweet overload.