It is always fun to try new things – especially when those new things are chocolate candy from Japan. (Thanks Travis!) We got a couple of Nestle Kit Kat Mini flavors that are unique to Japan and not sold in the United States. At least not on the typical grocery store candy aisle.

I tried making my best guess at the flavor given what we could read/see on the wrapper and then did a quick search to see what I had tasted afterwards. I guessed that the green/white label would either be green tea or wasabi. The flavor was Tamaruya Honten Wasabi and not really like any wasabi I was familiar with. The sharp stinging horseradish flavor was not there. It was a very good mild flavor that I may not have tried had you told me this was wasabi but was glad I took the risk. This was a surprising taste and one that I would try again.

The blue label had what looked like grapes on the package so I expected either a grape flavor or maybe a wine flavor. This was instead Rum Raisin and the flavor was better than grape but still enough to make me think I had guessed correctly with wine. This one I liked but probably wouldn’t buy if it were available here in the States.

Both were very familiar in their wafer/chocolate design that is typical of the American version we have in chocolate and sometimes white chocolate.

I really like the idea of candy “developed based on the image of Japanese localities” and wouldn’t mind trying more of the flavors listed on their website – Strawberry, Strawberry Cheesecake, Saké, Shinshu Apple, Adzuki (Red bean) Sandwich,Itohkyuemon Uji Matcha (Green Tea), Itohkyuemon Roasted Tea, Kobe Pudding, Momiji Manju(maple-leaf-shaped buns), and Purple-sweet potato. This might mean a trip to Japan and of course if I was going to try all of those? Probably need to find a race to run while there.

Below are the product descriptions for what we tried:

Nestle KIT KAT Mini Tamaruya Honten Wasabi (Japanese horseradish)
Shizuoka & Kanto Souvenirs – Centered in Shizuoka, the wasabi of “Tamaruya Honten,” which is showered in unending love by all, has teamed up with “KITKAT.” Enjoy the exquisite harmony of mellow, sweet white chocolate and carefully selected high quality wasabi.
Nestle KIT KAT Mini Rum Raisin
Tokyo Souvenirs – Crushed cookies kneaded into a uniquely flavored rum raisin chocolate for a stylish finish.

More information on these souvenir chocolates and where you can locate more in Japan like them here. If you want to try these and others they are available on Amazon to sample.