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Fruity Cereal Kit Kat

Until recently it was probably fair to call Kit Kat a candy bar standard but maybe a little boring. At least in the United States. We’ve sampled some of the Japanese varieties on the blog before and while I was a fan finding these items wasn’t always the easiest. I have some suspicion that this has to do with the manufacturer. Nestle makes the Japanese version and in the states Reese’s/Hershey makes them. Maybe it’s the varied ingredients used around the world. Not being a Kit Kat insider I can’t say for certain. What I do know is regardless of ingredients or country of origin these are always a great treat. So why a new post? We have a unique new flavor and while available for a limited time we have been able to locate it in both Texas and North Carolina.

Introducing Fruity Cereal Kit Kat (available at Amazon or wherever you buy candy). These are great and taste a lot like the cereal they show on the package but do not name directly – Froot Loops. They are not as exotic as wasabi or rum raisin but they hold their own as a candy bar. It definitely plays to the sweet tooth and brings back memories of eating overly sweet fake fruit cereal as a kid or maybe a kid in college. These are definitely worth looking for and with flavors floating around like Pumpkin Pie, Lemon Crisp, and Key Lime Pie the future is looking good. The chocolate is nothing to sleep on but new creative and different flavors are always welcome to the party.

Hershey, you are welcome to send me new products or even send me new product updates and I’ll be happy to sample and share my thoughts. Same for you Nestle and your out there takes on the Kit Kat classic.