Like most of the special flavors of Kit Kat these sounded good so I was excited when we ran across them in Wal-mart. These are great and 100% worth checking out. If you see a unique flavor make sure you snag them for us or let us know where you find them.

And Hershey – any time you’d like shoot us a sneak peek and we’ll review them before they hit the shelves.

It’s all the flavor and feels of waking up to a freshly baked crumb-coated blueberry muffin except in a convenient, crunchy candy form. Morning, noon, or night, unwrap a KIT KAT® Blueberry Muffin Flavored Candy Bar and treat your tastebuds to blueberry muffin flavored creme wrapped around our iconic crisp wafers. Blueberry muffins are the best right from the oven, and just like the warm berry scent that fills your kitchen, this limited-edition flavor won’t last long! Snag this uniquely flavored snack today.