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According to the Instagram Blog released this week. Instagram will be allowing longer videos. Currently you have fifteen seconds to get your message across in your video. The new time limit will allow you a whole minute. The change is in response to increased video viewing. According to Instagram’s site “In the last six months, the time people spent watching video increased by more than 40 percent.”

The question really is will people take the time to watch a whole minute video? Perhaps, but the research may show otherwise. Recently I attended a conference and the research presented there said that the average time viewing videos is around :30 seconds.

What does this mean for us? Try to be concise in your message, even though they give you a full minute. Time is at a premium so you want to get people’s attention and create a great message for them. Also, play with new new tool and do some testing. Try some videos at different times- a full minute :30, and the old :15 seconds and see which gets the most views.

The roll out began this week to some users and will continue to others over the upcoming months.

Check out the latest information from the Instagram blog.