Ran across this site and found it to be a lot of fun. In an almost Roadside America or Atlas Obscura way, it locates interesting stops along your route between two places to explore. This is slightly easier because it takes the two places and builds the route for you. I thought it was interesting to see on a route I am very familiar with a couple of “new to me” destinations. Most notable was the Siamese Twins Exhibit in Mount Airy. I’ve been through Mount Airy numerous times and was not aware of the exhibit.

The site is not without its flaws. I’d love to have the locations identified linked somewhere and it would be nice to be able to adjust your route. The query of Raleigh to Orlando (another place we frequent) takes you down a route that might add too much time to the trip to offset the unique stops you could make. Regardless I’ll use this for my next road trip to explore what I might be passing at 70 miles an hour.

Check out Make My Drive Fun and give it a spin before your next road trip. There are a lot of gems just off the beaten path and finding one can make your usual highway pit stop a lot more entertaining.


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