This is Round 3 on our series of snacks from H Mart the Korean grocery store in Cary. Next up are Paldo Crab Chips and Paldo Shrimp Snack. This is the seafood round and given the images on the bags before I open it I am guessing these might be a little fishy.

Not going to lie. These were not to my taste and while they definitely accomplished a crab flavor they were awful. I couldn’t eat more than a few and those were difficult. If you really and I mean really like the flavor of crab seasoning this is for you. It has a slightly fishy taste as well that stays with you longer than you might like. These are a very popular snack so I am sure that I might be in the minority when I say this but there is no level of hunger that will make we want to fish these out of the trash and eat them.

You might think after this review that the next one has to be better. Sad to say the Shrimp Snack was not just worse but sadly not at all something I would ever want to eat again. I will say again a lot of people like these so your mileage may vary but for me? They were terrible.

I did like the shape and consistency of these better but the flavor was too much. It was very much shrimp but less of the shrimp taste and more of intense smell of shrimp that filled your mouth and nose with each bite. I had to stop after trying the few in the picture below.

Both snacks were worth a try and I’m sure I will be back for more soon. Have a suggestion? Leave it in the comments below.