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Carribean Beach Top 5

We like staying at Caribbean Beach. It is a nice resort and has lots of pros. Here are the Top 5 Reasons we like to stay at Caribbean Beach Resort.

Pool: The pool at Caribbean Beach is pretty epic. My three-year-old loved the slides. He was a bit scared of the splash ground because of the big bucket of water.

Pirate Theme: Yo ho! Yo ho! I A Pirates Life for me! If you have a pirate fan, then this is the resort for you. My three-year-old loved the pirate ship beds. He thought they were super cool.

Transportation to Parks: Caribbean Beach just so happens to be on the Skyliner. Because of this, you have easy access to Hollywood Studios and Epcot. It was nice in the evenings to hop back over to those parks with just a short ride on the Sklyliner. It was super easy.

Coffee: Hear me out on this one. We love coffee and the ability to grab a coffee before entering the park at Joffery’s is awesome. They have a small kiosk outside of the Skyliner. The lines weren’t too long like they are waiting at the Starbucks in the parks. So this was for sure an added bonus for staying at Caribbean Beach.

Relaxing: The Caribbean theming is super calming. They have hammocks and a beach area to chill. It was nice to come back and relax after a busy day in the parks.