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Nature Research Center Preview

We’ve already reported on Raleigh’s Death Star and admitted that perhaps that was just part of the planned Nature Research Center expansion of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  (Or did we?) Either way – the countdown is on and the final touches are being put on both the center and the Death Star giant globe that sits outside.

One of the highlights tonight was talking to the two brothers from Cincinnati that were working on the outside of the globe adding the vinyl stickers that make up the world. We were also able to get a few pictures through the window of the center and some of the displays we’ll be enjoying when it opens. Click here for info on the 24-Hour Grand Opening.

We’ll probably try to rally the troops for a 3AM museum tour to see what the place looks like and more importantly what the other people who are there at 3AM look like.  You are wondering now – aren’t you?  Until then enjoy the pictures after the jump and as we hear more – we’ll share it.