There is a lot going on down on Jones Street lately. Depending on where you are standing you might think it is a good thing – or – you might be concerned.

If I were working at the General Assembly I would be concerned. Why? Across the street and a short half block away someone is constructing the Galactic Empire’s “ultimate weapon.” Remember what happened to Alderaan? Better vote the way Emperor Purdue suggests you vote if you get my drift.

Raleigh Death StarAll joking aside I am fairly certain this isn’t really the infamous Death Star. (Fairly certain.) I think it is part of an expansion of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Either way it is cool architecture in downtown Raleigh – something we really need. So please – stay away from the exhaust port and don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed.

More pictures after the jump and we’ll take more when the “Death Star” is completed.

UPDATE: “The centerpiece of the Nature Research Center will be the SECU Daily Planet, an immersive, three-story multi-media space that will link virtual to real nature and be the site of live programming on breaking science news. At regular intervals during the day, scientists will present to NRC visitors using the cutting edge technology and media of the SECU Daily Planet and its 40-foot, high-definition screen.”SOURCE


  1. This death star is actually the new offices of Phil Berger, Thom Tillis and Paul Stam.  They will destroy the evil education building (pink palace) from their new crib.  Babies love their cribs!

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