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Milk Money Mafia Tryouts

It really isn’t our fault that we created the most popular kickball team on the east coast and potentially the world.  It isn’t our fault that we routinely set the standard for what a kickball team should be.  And most importantly it isn’t our fault that we are the kids on the playground that everyone wants to be.  Really – it must be genetic – seriously.

That being said in the course of doing what we do occasionally someone thinks that it would be a good idea to join our ranks.  Do we drug test them?  No.  Do we get them a mental health assessment? No.  We create a kick-ass obstacle course and challenge them to be the best they can be.  Sterling stepped up to the challenge?  Was he worthy?  Only time will tell.  Congrats to Dobbins, Sterling, DP and most of all Allison.  Who knew a girl would run the course – awesome job.  But most importantly – ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE???

So the course – 20 yards through the trees, up the jungle gym and down the slide, 10 count on dizzy bat, chug a beer, 3 balls in toilet, out around the chair and down the slip ‘n slide for a power finish.  I know – sounds easy right?  4 out of 4 contestants had trouble walking at the dizzy bat turn – we don’t think we are going to make that a part of our pre-game ritual.  The season starts soon and we invite everyone out to be a part of the insanity.  Yes – we are still the greatest show on dirt – the few, the proud, the questionable, the MILK MONEY MAFIA.  MILK! MILK! MILK!

Pictures and video after the jump – comments are welcome.


  1. Thanks for posting some of the ugliest pictures of me ever!  Yeah you need to remove the pictuer where I am holding my boobs and it looks like I should be featured on an episode of Intervention!  Fun times come at a price, I bruised my pinky finger….

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