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Lego is Coming

Thanks to the man on the street with his ear on the ground – wait – that is dangerous – GET UP BOB!!! Awesome news in the world of people who need more bricks in their daily diet. Read the headline again – LEGO is coming to Crabtree Valley Mall – now read the article – it is going to be a store. How awesome is that?


Here’s one for all the kids and kid-like adults in the Triangle: The Lego Store is coming to Crabtree Valley Mall.

The store will be big — about 2,000 square feet — and will open near center court at the end of May.

It’s a pretty big score for Crabtree, since Lego has only 23 stores in the whole country, and this will be its first one in the Carolinas. Personally, my favorite part of these stores is the “Pick-A-Brick” wall, where you can buy Legos in bulk like candy. Imagine the possibilities…