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Lake Raleigh on Centennial Campus

So after the last urban deer we saw in the neighborhood we thought it would be fun to take the camera over to Lake Raleigh on NCSU’s Centennial Campus and look for more urban wildlife.

As is frequently the case when ‘shooting’ wildlife the best I saw escaped. We saw a very large buck that I didn’t react quickly enough to capture. Typically in this situation I complain about not having the camera with me – this time – I can only complain about not having the reflexes to get the shot. Large fast-moving animal vs. large slow-moving animal – guess I shouldn’t have thought I could have won that one.

Fortunately that wasn’t the only deer out that morning and the rabbits were more than happy to pose for us. The reflections on the still water of the lake and the area of the trail that crosses the golf course left me with a few good pictures as well.

More after the jump and hopefully I will figure out what I am doing wrong and land the big one soon. Or I’ll learn to Photoshop antlers on the deer I can catch.