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Guess (Photo from BobG)

BobG just forwarded this photo with the subject line – guess.

At first I thought it kinda looked like Reynolds Coliseum but I don’t think so. I figured – it is Friday not like anyone reading this blog has a real job (or life) anyway so I’d throw it out and see if anyone had an answer. First person to answer correctly (other than BobG) gets to ride on the float.  Sound like fun? You bet. Could you do this without correctly answering the photo challenge? Probably.

Answers only accepted in the comments here – even if you first saw this post somewhere else.



  1. Wow that took a while. (yes, thats what she said…)
    This is from the 10th floor of the current Wake Co Courthouse, looking towards the roofline of the NEW Wake Co courthouse.
    For one of the taller buildings now in downtown, at least it has SOME interesting angles…. unlike some tall blocky RBC tower we all know.

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