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Class of 1986

This year’s entry into the parade was almost a complete surprise. Until the morning of the event I had no idea what the parade krewe had cooked up for this year. The mystery theme was Homecoming for the Class of 1986. And from the looks of things a few of the participants had been in cold storage since 1986 or were at the most enjoying no more than the first grade at the time. It was a great display featuring the styles of the mid-1980s and a crowd favorite Yeti. (Most of the crowd – not this little girl.)

It was great to see this awesome tradition continue without me. Our plans changed earlier in the week and while CaraDMc and I made an early ride through the parade we still timed it where we got to see this spectacle 3 times on the route and they were having a blast the entire time. So much so I think most of them missed us once or twice.

Thanks to everyone that participated for keeping the real streak alive with the Raleigh St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I hope this continues for many years to come and continues to grow and evolve with new people and new ideas. I know we’ve never been a Parade Committee favorite but having the luxury of seeing the parade from all sides and angles this year I think this group brings something that a lot of other groups don’t. There is a level of excitement that takes over when you approach that probably looks like it is happening the entire parade for every float – at least for you – that’s all you see. Trust me – that isn’t the case.

Congrats again – to everyone and may the Class of 1986 live in infamy with the other great parade ensembles of years past.


  1. Great pics! I only saw you guys ONCE – but it looks like you were EVERYWHERE. We’ll work on better/stronger banners year. With your help, of course……

  2. That will be a January 2014 decision. I will not ride on a rickshaw again – how did I not know that was going to be a lot of looping and circles? We did learn that Penny has access to a trailer. That could be useful info to keep in mind.

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