St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2013


So when I announced in January that I would not be participating in the Raleigh St. Patrick’s Day Parade this year I didn’t anticipate the call I would get this week. I was asked to ride in the Parade in a Raleigh Rickshaw promoting Renaissance Park. No stress – no costume – just take a seat a go for a spin. It didn’t seem like a bad idea and we figured that if we found them we’d go and if we didn’t back to the original plan simply watching the parade.

The ride wasn’t a straightforward cruise through the parade (as you can see in the video) it was about 3-4 times the total distance doing loops and spins the entire way. It took a little getting used to but after the first couple of sets of circles it was fun. Probably not something I would volunteer to do again but a nice change of pace from the usual St. Patrick’s Day Parade shenanigans.