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Escazu Chocolate Tour

So I like chocolate and I like taking tours (Lobsters, Coffee, Lemurs, Wine, and Cats to name a few). A tour of Escazu Chocolates seemed like a really good idea beforehand and something I will highly recommend post tour (both the place and the tour).

We’ve come across really unique chocolate creations before in Dallas, TX at Dude, Sweet Chocolate (blue cheese in chocolate) but I don’t think I have ever had chocolate made fresh from the cacao bean before. It was awesome.

The tour was well done explaining the process they take to create the chocolate from the bean and taking time to answer a lot of questions on the process, the product and the antique equipment they use in the factory. And yes – they do more than just chocolate bars they had some unique creations (olive oil & black pepper and sour cream & vanilla – two we tried) that were top-notch. So… more pictures after the jump (taken by CaraDMc) and if you didn’t figure it out before – I would suggest adding Escazu to your list of places to visit.

Take the tour if you are curious – eat the chocolate and be impressed.