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Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar #19 [2011]

On day 19 we have a TIE Pilot. Pilots for the Imperial fleet that flew TIE series starfighters.

The Twin Ion Engine (TIE) series was a series of starfighters and vehicles designed by Sienar Fleet Systems. TIE series starfighters shared a general design form of a roughly spherical or cylindrical cockpit pod attached to a set of solar panels. The cockpit and panels could be supplemented by other modules for ordnance or other functions. [SOURCE]

I know he is a little hard to see – that’s what happens when you wear black on black with just a little reflective stripe. We’re having the same issue with R2-Q5. Not sure if there is a good or easy way to fix it. I am open to suggestions and photography tricks if you have them. Only 5 days left.