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H Mart Snacks – Round 2

This is Round 2 on our series of snacks from H Mart the Korean grocery store in Cary. Next up are Lotte Pepero – White Cookie and Crown Big Caramel Corn & Choco Snack. From the packaging and ingredients I am guessing both of these are on the sweeter side of things.

The Lotte Pepero – White Cookie might be my favorite so far. Korea No. 1 Brand and with good reason. This cookie stick is pretty neutral and it does a great job letting the white chocolate and cookie be the star of the snack. It seems like something that would compliment coffee or hot chocolate. The image on the front creates images of Oreo cookies and the flavor profile isn’t too far off. The only problem was our box (maybe from the summer heat) was slightly melted together. I would normally take this to mean that should all be eaten together but since this was only the first sample I decided to carefully take them apart and just eat one. Definitely one I will go back for. We saw several different styles of cookie in this brand so next time we may have to try something different.

This next one is first cousin to the Caramel Corns & Peanut Snack we tried in Part 1 also made by Crown the Big Caramel Corn & Choco Snack. This label also has what I can only describe as a corn cob cowboy on it. (I studied this for a few minutes and that’s all I’ve got – open to suggestions if you think it looks like something else.) Speaking of looking like something else…

These snacks were about the same size, shape and color of a certain small dog’s yard leavings. Fortunately size, shape and color aside these were really good. They have a texture and crunch like a cheese puff with a chocolate flavor that isn’t overly sweet. The flavor is good and once you get over the comparison above you are set.

This size on these surprised me – they were larger than I expected. (Guitar pick for scale.) Overall I would eat them again but probably wouldn’t go out of my way to find them.

Then again – these might make a fun cake if you wanted to prank someone.