Two out of three isn’t bad. This photo was sent to me by Cara-iD (not to be confused with CaraDMC) and emailed by Ryan (my stupid phone won’t forward text photos anymore) from outside of the Dubuque Star Brewery (more history) in Iowa. Nice to see that the phone booths have a life after cell phones – reincarnated if you will.

Wait is it appropriate to say reincarnated for a prayer booth? Judges?

Personally I am surprised there isn’t a well worn path between the brewery and the prayer booth but these things take time. From what I am reading about the location it looks like this is a public / private partnership and a really good reuse of an abandoned space. If that is right we need more of that around here – looking at you Bain Water Treatment Center.

Thanks for the photo and I hope you guys have a great and safe trip. If Josh steals black dog for me that would be awesome.