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The Best of 2014 – Part 4

So far we have 10. NCAA Tournament, 9. Concerts, 8. U.S. Open, 7. Williamsburg & Virginia Beach, 6. World of Bluegrass, 5. Dallas / Fort Worth / Cupcake ATM, 4. Disney World, 3. Disneyland, 2. L.A. and number one on the ‘Best of’ list for 2014 is…

1. Disney Coast to Coast Race Challenge
I mentioned the half marathons during our stops at #3 and #4 and the motivation behind that was the Disney Coast to Coast Race Challenge. I know for the real runners out there two half marathons in one year isn’t a big deal but for CaraDMc and I it was. The Disney races aren’t competitive – they are fun. Cara and I ran them together and while our times aren’t the thing to post the fun we had along the way is. These races are great and Disney does them the way they do everything – no detail is missing. It is also a great way to see behind some of the areas of the park that aren’t open to the public.

So now we wind down 2014 and get ready for new adventures in 2015.