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Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a home try on glasses place. Their concept is to offer designer eyewear at an affordable price. You pick up to 5 pairs to try, they mail them to you, you pick your fav and then send the rest back! Pretty great concept. I saw a couple of different options I liked and wanted to try a couple of pairs out.

Fortunately I was headed to Dallas where they have a store. The concept of the Dallas location is the Warby Parker Classroom. It features 1950s decor and has a huge pencil coming out of the roof. It is a great space.

I walked in and tried a couple of different options and ended up buying two pairs because the price was great. They shipped them directly to my house and arrived in one week. They even give a pair of glasses to someone in need, for every pair of glasses sold. Pretty great. So, if you need glasses, I would suggest checking them out.

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