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Pictures from the Road

So I’ve been delinquent in posting a lot of the awesome photos I’ve taken (and others have taken) as of late.  I know – if you are more than an accidental visitor you are aware I am less than dependable when it comes to timely blog posts.  I apologize that it has taken as long as it has to get these up – hope you enjoy it.

BTW – the images in the Chasing the Shuttle galleries that are in focus and look really good?  Those were taken by Courtney Davis of Crabtree Creek Productions fellow RVer and an awesome photographer.

Chasing the Shuttle

Atlantis STS132 – 05-14-2010
Magic Kingdom – 05-13-2010
South of the Border – 05-12-2010

Independence Day 2010

Savannah, GA – 07-04-2010
Hilton Head, SC – 07-03-2010
South of the Border 07-02-2010

So time to work on the next adventure – the final shuttle launches are in November and February.  Maybe another road trip to Florida?


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