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New River: The Next Generation

When something becomes an annual event you always wonder what the future holds. One might look at these trips and assume they were nothing but excuses to go to one of the most beautiful spots on the planet and try to destroy it. The reality is these trips are more about creating the memories that we will relive hundreds of times when we are no longer able to briefly escape our lives and put the world on pause. There is a certain peace knowing that as we build forward we will always be part of a story that starts “remember the time that…”

To answer the easy questions first – no I did not fall in the river this year. If I had I would already be in the Gulf of Mexico. The water was high and moving fast. That combination shortened the usual ten-mile trip to a five-mile trip but no worries – I didn’t set foot in a canoe. The pictures below tell an amazing story and the pictures I won’t post tell the ones that are probably best left on the river. The next generation? The lightsaber was blue but the river turned pink – that makes me very conflicted on whether Linda Sadler will be a little boy or girl. I’m just glad we started working on the naming rights.

The rest, as they say, is history. At least till next year when I wake up after two hours of sleep to the booming voice of Matt broadcasting to the entire campground that it is time to go to breakfast seemingly feet from my head.

Special thanks to Nick for always planning this trip, letting me be the unofficial historian and not making me feel too guilty when we strike camp a night early to go sleep in the air-conditioned house down the road. The trophy this year? I think I know where it is going but will wait on the official word before I post. Truth be told I think if you pass out in a chair in the river winning the trophy isn’t enough. A new award named after you but I haven’t come up with anything catchy that includes passing out, mossy rocks in your lap and being in the river. I’m open to suggestions. Maybe we can just call it The Eliza?

I look forward to seeing everyone next year and I will definitely find the Marlboro Ultra Slim Lights Menthol 100s for little since she (or he) didn’t have any this year.

Yes, that is the real color of the river and yes those are speedos and mullets and yes if I posted the rest of the pictures you guys would be lucky to get jobs at Grayson County Parks and Recreation. And @GolfCartJesus wants to know – did you ever get the lightsaber down?