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M&M’s at Disney Springs #WDW21

The M&M’s store in Disney Springs is a lot of fun and a great place to pick up the candy that will “melt in your mouth, not in your hand.” They have a ton of cool merchandise if you want to wear your candy preference and every color you can imagine.

Even a customizable M&M’s for that hard to buy for person that might not like Disney souvenirs. They also have Disney-themed M&M’s for that person that does like Disney souvenirs and candy.

The space also has a history of the product including cool facts like M&M’s being the first candy in space.

On request from the crew aboard NASA’s first space shuttle, Columbia, M&M’s became the first candy to rocket into space in 1981. To commemorate NASA’s final space shuttle launch in 2011, Mars even made special-edition M&Ms just for the flight, decorated with images of the Atlantis shuttle, the phrase “3, 2, 1…Lift Off!” and date of the launch: July 8, 2011.