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The Great Movie Ride – TCL Chinese Theater #WDW17

In 2014 we visited the original TCL Chinese Theater (pictured above on the left) in Hollywood, CA and this year we visited The Great Movie ride (on the right) in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Orlando, FL. A little over 2,500 miles from each other and virtually the same. I am always interested in the Disney interpretation of a real place and this one does not disappoint. The Disney version is a little more ornate and the dragon artwork is painted but most of the details seem very consistent. The Disney version is much cleaner but that is to be expected from the newer version that is in a theme park and not on a public street.

TCL Chinese Theater

The Great Movie Ride

The one thing I noticed that is worth checking out. The next time you are at Disney’s Hollywood Studios walk behind the Great Movie Ride towards Toy Story Mania / the future Toy Story Land (Pixar Place?) and look at how shallow the Chinese Theater building is. When you see it you realize you barely walk down a hall in the structure you see and the ride itself is hidden in the studio building to the left of the front.

Speaking of the ride – it needs a massive overhaul. It was great years ago but now the technology isn’t great and the movies featured inside while interesting seem out of place in a park that is struggling for an identity as it is. I think the ride has potential but needs a significant overhaul to bring it into the modern era. With all the changes coming to the park we can only hope that this ride isn’t forgotten and gets the update it deserves.