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Georgia Sea Turtle Center

We decided to stop on our way to St. Augustine to take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and Hospital where we got to see turtles in various stages of recovery and a few very young turtles that had recently hatched.  Some of these pictures might be hard to see – yes – that is a turtle lung you are looking at. It only serves as a reminder of the awesome people who work on these animals every day. It was awesome to see the animals learn more about how their rehab and get to see the staff taking care of these rare and endangered species.

Through sea turtle rehabilitation, research and education programs, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center will increase awareness of habitat and wildlife conservation challenges, promote responsibility for ecosystem health and empower individuals to act locally, regionally, and globally to protect the environment.

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a hospital for ill and injured sea turtles. We are the only hospital of its kind in the state of Georgia. The Center is open to the general public and offers an interactive Exhibit Gallery and Rehabilitation Pavilion with a number of viewable sea turtle patients.