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Four Corners Brewing Co.

We toured and sampled Four Corners Brewing Co. while we were in Dallas. Very cool facility with some really good beer. I was very impressed with their canning machine and the type of cans they were using.  I had heard of but had not seen the “topless” or “360” aluminum can lid. The unique can should give the drinker a greater sense of the beer by allowing the smell and the taste to be fully enjoyed. It is the next best thing to having a glass without having to wash dishes. They reportedly named their machine “Cangelina Jolie.”I enjoyed the beer and thought the ice cream cart turned beer cart was brilliant. A great beer to drink and a great tour to go on. They go over the basics of the beer process which a lot of people already know but they are extremely friendly and don’t try to limit the beer tasting. Great way to spend your afternoon.