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Florida International vs. Duke Football

First – it is confirmed Florida International is not an airport and Duke is by no means a football school. That doesn’t mean they can’t have a great game or their fans can’t have a great sense of humor. Duke won the game – a rare event for them and in something of a blowout winning by 20 points (they scored 30 in the second quarter).  Knowing that most fans weren’t going to hang out till after the game they had fireworks at halftime and honored Coach K and Wojo for their work with Team USA basketball. The highlight of the evening – tailgating at the Law School.

Special thanks to Courtney for hosting the evening which included a politically correct chicken filet sandwich (no affiliation with Chick-fil-a) and a tour of the lobby of Cameron Indoor Stadium and Kryzyzewskiville – which might be miss-spelled and of course the game. The best part? It is college football season again.

The best time of the year.