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Def Leppard 2011

So we saw Def Leppard last night and it was as it tends to be an amazing show.  The show isn’t as over the top as KISS but the music is  better. The picture to the right isn’t from last night it was actually when we got to go back stage in 2006.  Technically the show last night was the 5 year anniversary of when the band got to meet us.  I’m sure they are still celebrating.

After the jump are the pictures from the show taken with my soon to be upgraded Canon PowerShot SD790 point-n-shoot.  Not a bad camera but I have to imagine the technology has come a long way since the picture to the right was taken.  That being said we got some pretty good pictures.

Photo credits go to CaraDMC, BobG and myself who took turns going up a little closer than the lawn to try and get a better picture.