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Caring for Giants Tour #WDW17

We went on the Caring for Giants Tour in the Animal Kingdom this weekend. It is a one hour tour that focuses on the elephants that live in the park. You hear from specialists about the elephants. We also had an African cultural representative from Tanzania that talked about Disney’s conservation efforts. Did I mention you get to hold elephant poop?

About the tour. You check-in outside of the safari rides. After checking in, you go behind the scenes and catch a bus that goes around the park to where the elephants live. You view the elephants from about 80 feet away from an observation deck. It was tree-covered which was nice for the warm July day.

What we learned:
Disney’s elephants are African elephants. In African elephants both the males and females have tusks. Male elephants tend to be more solitary. Each elephant that lives in the Animal Kingdom has its

own noise that tells them when to come in at night.

The tour was great. There is a new baby elephant named Stella. We got to watch her for a long time. She was so cute. I would highly recommend the tour. Proceeds from the tour go to Disney’s Conservation efforts.