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Ray Price Capital City Bike Fest 2009

Last weekend Fayetteville Street on Friday night was the site of SparkCon and now a week later it is home to the Ray Price Capital City Bike Fest.  I don’t know if it is possible for two events to be on further ends of the spectrum and both feel so at home in the same location.  The weather was cool and the rain looked almost like snow flurries falling in such a light haze.  The motorcycles that were out both on display and from the people who came to the rally were very cool. (Pictures after the jump.)

A lot of credit to our city for having big, fun and diverse events almost every weekend and really encouraging cool events on Fayetteville Street in general.  I know – personally I am probably not a great fit for either group (maybe closer to the SparkCon crowd than the biker crowd) but both events were very cool to walk through at the end of the work week.