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NC Comicon 2013

In 2010 when we first went to the NC Comicon it was a very small affair in a very dead Morrisville Outlet Mall. There wasn’t much to do or see and while it was about as geeky as you can get it wasn’t anything to write home about. Fast forward a couple of years and there is a landslide of improvement with a new venue and many new features. Great time hanging out with Brian and Chloe aka Gundam and the pageant mom. Awesome to see Brian win first prize Novice Craftsman Division for his Gundam costume. As you can see from the pictures below the competition was intense and numerous. In 2010 there may have been as many as 25 people in costume – today there was easily 100 or more.

The costume was huge hit with Brian not being able to walk more than a few feet without having a request for a picture. Besides being on NOSVC I’m sure he is on multiple blogs and social media sites tonight. Definitely makes the hard work worth it – especially when you are the only Gundam at the event. Congrats again – now that you’ve set the bar high you have something to work for next year.


  1. I really wanted to go to this! I thought it was in December. Great pic Ant! Really digging these articles/blogs.

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