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LIVE IT UP! Hillsborough Street

Due to standing commitments we really missed most of this event.  I know – not exactly what you are used to hearing from the group that is F.I.L.O. for most everything we do.  Well – it happens.  In this particular instance we had a very important engagement.  Happy Birthday Josh!

On to Hillsborough Street – regardless of where you are it is always fun to stand in the middle of the street.  Be it Raleigh Wide Open or Artsplosure – closing the street for a party always makes what you are doing seem a little more “real” maybe even scandalous.  At least you are inconveniencing people.  Sure – Raleigh has 800 parks where this event could have been hosted but this one was important enough to close a major thoroughfare.  I know – seems small but I do like standing in the street.  Go figure.

The New King Rippers were as good as advertised – maybe better.  Credit goes to Joe for the bands and while we only saw one I’d have to say that pick was a winner.  It is always nice seeing hard work become something tangible and despite it being fleeting it was quite the spectacle.

Overall – great festival.  We didn’t make it down the street – somehow we got trapped in the VIP section – so I don’t know how they made use of the infamous traffic circles but I assume they did.  You can see from the schedule there was a lot going on from an Iron Chef competition to something called a Pig-n-Pie.  (Not sure how you can go wrong with something called a “Pig-n-Pie.”)

More pics after the jump – again congrats to Joe (Raleigh Music Listings) for all your hard work on this event.