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April Fools Day Copier Prank

So I usually try to pull a prank of some sort in the office.  I saw this website and thought this would be a great one to try this year. The setup was great.  We had someone in working on the copier earlier this week as a unfortunate coincidence. I posted the sign last night and had the Financial Administrator send out an email this morning regarding a software upgrade.  Trap was set – all we had to do was wait for someone to use the “upgraded” voice commands.

After a solid three hours of no one using the copier I decided to get another staff member in on the action.  He did a great job “using” the voice commands and immediately we had buy in.  It took a minute for the other staff in the area to figure out it was a prank. This is definitely something that should be tried in a larger office.  Could be hours of fun.

Close up of the sign and a link to the PDF after the jump. Thanks to Candace and David for putting the pieces together and making this work.


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