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Zweli’s Kitchen

Recently I got a chance to visit Zweli’s Kitchen which is located at 4600 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd in Durham. The concept is simply something different. The restraunt is named after the chef, Zwelibanzi. Zweli is from Zimbabwe.

She learned how to cook as a child and after finishing high school she moved to Durham where she attended school at North Carolina Central University. Her goal is to introduce as many people as possible to the food from Zimbabwe.

Zweli’s food speaks for itself. The food is good and the restraunt is a cultural experience. They have handmade bowls and tables that really bring an experience while dining there.

What we had to eat:

  • Grilled Piri Piri Chicken Wings. Piri Piri is a chilli pepper that is grown in Africa which gave the chicken a great flavor without too much heat.
  • Samosas. Traditionally these are thought as Indian but there is a large Indian population in Zimbabwe so they share many foods. They are fried pastries that have veggies and meat. I call them pillows of delicousness. So good!
  • Peanut butter spiced Collard Greens. They were great!!!!
  • Roasted goat stew. The meat was delicious and flavorful.

I loved our dining experience at Z’weli’s the food was great and the staff were super nice and even taught us how to eat with our hands properly. If you are looking for something different and make sure to check out Z’weli’s Kitchen.