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Wye Hill Kitchen

It’s said that when one door closes another opens. I believe this is true with Boylan Bridge Brewpub. The new Wye Hill Kitchen and Brewpub will be opening on June 12 at the old Boylan Bridge Brewpub location.

The new concept – People. Plates. Pours. Alright I’ll bite on this new concept and try it out. Somebody give me a fork and let’s dig in. The location is great! I have always loved the spot because it overlooks downtown Raleigh. That hasn’t changed. You can still enjoy the views. It is a great spot to grab a drink after work.

Ok, so how about the food? We got to try a few things and they did not disappoint! I had the deviled eggs. The filling was made with sweet potatoes! They did not disappoint. Very creative. I also had their fries with pub cheese. So yummy. Their menu has lots of options from a $10 Catfish BLT to a $49 Mohawk Bacon Chop (which I am going back for). The menu has a bit of everything.

Oh yeah about the beer….. I tried the Mango Hefewiezen which was great. With over just about 4 percent a beer you could have a couple while enjoying your meal. Congrats to Raleigh’s new Wye Hill Kitchen. Can’t wait to go back to enjoy the patio soon.