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Waffle Turkey Sammich

So CaraDMc is out of town and I am stuck fending for myself which means getting creative in the kitchen. Those of you that follow me on Twitter may remember the infamous hotdog-a-dilla (aka hot dog in a quesadilla).

Feeling inspired by this Lifehacker article I decided to make use of our waffle iron and create a grilled cheese. I used sourdough bread, turkey, and havarti cheese with mustard and pickles.

The finished product was excellent. The bread was toasted evenly, the cheese was melted and it was warm throughout. If not for having to clean the waffle iron afterwards I would claim it was easier than a regular grilled cheese. My guess is it might be healthier. There was very little if any oil used in the process (a light spray before I put it on the iron) and it toasted pretty quickly.

A couple more pictures of the process and the finished process. And for those of you calling it a “redneck panini” – you might be right. Doesn’t change the fact that it makes an excellent sandwich.