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Starbucks Rewards Changing

We’ll take care of everything. All the Stars in your account will multiply to reflect the change once we launch the new program in April. For most members, this means earning rewards just as fast or faster, but for some, it might mean taking a little longer to get that free treat.

Starbucks decided to change the rules on their Rewards Program and for those of us that enjoy a convenient cup of coffee and not a over-priced coffee based milkshake? We’re about to lose.

The old rules gave 1 star per visit and Gold status at 30 stars. Once you were gold you earned a free drink for every 12 stars. The new rules give 2 stars per dollar spent, Gold status at 300 stars and a free drink every 125 stars. The difference for someone who enjoys a Starbucks Caffe Misto (estimated price for a Grande $2.50)? The old rules put me at Gold status after about $75 spent and free drinks every $30 after that (assuming I always order the same thing – I do). The new rules mean I’ll need to spend $150 to reach gold and $62.50 to earn a free drink.

The image below is the message I received notifying me of the change. It is pretty unfortunate but I have options when I buy coffee on the go and I may have to spend some time exploring them.

2016-02-23 17.29.09