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Smoked Pork Belly with Collard Green Kimchee #chswff


DSC_8588Salt & Pepper Smoked Pork Belly with Collard Green Kimchee with Charleston Gold Jook – not at all what one might think if your goal was BBQ in the South. Don’t judge quickly. This was an amazing combo of flavors and textures from Pitmaster Anthony Dibernardo (Swig and Swine) and Chef Annie Pettry (Decca).

In a true definition of cross-cultural this team took native southern ingredients and turned into something completely exotic. The pork belly was so tender it melted in your mouth while the collard green kimchee was bright and unexpected. It was hard to discern a favorite component in this dish because the slightly sweet and tart flavors were extremely harmonious. Yes – we went back for seconds.

The Pitmaster and Chef team took a moment to chat with us and for a cold rainy night, they couldn’t be in better spirits and joked about putting vegetables on a smoker. I’ll let you guess who seemed appalled at the notion. Overall – a great team with an excellent dish.