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Simons Says Dip This

I’ve been seeing the creative ice cream from this Durham shop for a while now on Instagram and every post thinking – I need to get over there and check them out. We finally made it and it was 100% worth it. There are 20+ ‘magic shell’ type candy coatings/dips and tons of toppings to make your perfect ice cream cone or cup. I opted for the cookies & cream dip with Golden Grahams cereal and brownie bites as toppings. The base ice cream/custard was a great platform for the combo.

They are easy to find in downtown Durham and I had no trouble getting in and out quickly. They did have ‘dipped’ hot chocolate for the cold days and with the options of cake batter, tiramisu, or cheesecake hot chocolate might be worth stopping for.

I definitely want to explore this menu further – it seems like one you would get better at choosing each time you visit. I think next time I might go in the direction of a pistachio dip and potato chips as a topping.