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Shake Shack + Milk Bar

Shake Shack teams with Milk Bar to create some special shakes. They have created two specialty shakes for people to enjoy.

Chocolate Birthday Cake Shake
Milk Bar B’Day crumbs and Milk Bar B’Day frosting hand-spun with chocolate cake frozen custard, topped with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles.

Cornflake Chocolate Drizzle Shake
Milk Bar Cornflake Crunch hand-spun with malted vanilla frozen custard, topped with Milk Bar chocolate fudge drizzle and mini marshmallows.

We tried the cornflake chocolate drizzle shake and it was amazing. I now have to go back for the birthday cake shake.

If you need another reason to try these delicious shakes, Shake Shack and Milk Bar will be donating delicious treats to The Birthday Party Project, a non-profit that brings joy to children experiencing homelessness through the magic of birthday parties.

These shakes are available only for a limited time so make sure to grab them before they are gone.