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Peeps Chocolate Marshmallow Flavored Milk

I saw this online and thought it was a joke. It isn’t and it appeared in the grocery store just in time for Easter because religious events, chocolate bunnies and peeps are all related.

This product is not for an individual without a serious sweet tooth. I drank much less than half a glass and it was more than a serving for me. It isn’t bad just extremely sweet. I think kids would love it and once you pull them off the ceiling they’ll go to sleep a week later.

The marshmallow flavor is pretty distinct even over the ever-present sweetness. You really do get a peep dissolved in milk sense about the drink. I would recommend this if you like peeps, marshmallows or very sweet chocolate milk – remember if you give this to anyone under the age of 12 you are responsible for the consequences – not me.

Look for yours in your local grocery store (CaraDMc found this at Kroger) and look for regular Marshmallow Peep, Strawberry Creme, Orange Creme and Egg Nog in addition to the Chocolate Marshmallow flavor.