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Lexington Barbecue

North Carolina is a state known for barbecue. Lexington is known as “The Barbecue Capital of the World.” If you grew up close to the best barbecue on earth (Winston-Salem has Lexington-style Barbecue places) you know barbecue, what should be in it and what you should eat with it. Need the Cliff Notes? You are looking for hardwood smoked pig with a light tomato vinegar sauce, red slaw in a similar sauce and fried cornbread hush puppies.

If Lexington is the Barbecue Capital then Lexington Barbecue (the restaurant) is on Main Street. There is no point claiming one restaurant better than the other – it is only fair to claim the style of barbecue is far superior to what is served in the Eastern and Western part of the state.

Our meal was simple and delicious. If you find yourself near the middle of the state do yourself a favor and take a minute to have breakfast, brunch, lunch, second lunch, dinner or late night snack at any one of the great Lexington-style Barbecue places. They aren’t hard to find.

Most importantly – enjoy the red slaw. I have been able to find good barbecue in Raleigh even places I would hold up against Lexington’s best. I have not found the red slaw anywhere. It is sad because the spicy vinegar cabbage mixture is far superior to the mayonnaise mix. If any Raleigh Barbecue place is interested I will beg, borrow or steal the red slaw recipe and bring it to you. You will instantly become the most popular barbecue restaurant in town and be officially endorsed by this author. Just let me know.


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